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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our mission statement, vision statement, and community values
are at the heart of our entire program and inform decision making
throughout all areas of the school.

NYA Viewbook

NYA Executive Council President 23-24 ConvocationThe NYA Mission Statement

North Yarmouth Academy is an independent, college preparatory, coeducational school. The Academy offers a structured program that establishes clear standards and high expectations in an environment that emphasizes values of mutual respect, trust, and community. North Yarmouth Academy is dedicated to fostering integrity, character, and intellect in its students.

The North Yarmouth Academy program encourages students to develop:

  • Problem-solving skills based on sound analytical and creative thought;
  • Sophistication in writing, speaking, and artistic expression;
  • Appreciation for the importance of athletic activity, teamwork, and cooperation;
  • Self-confidence and self-respect through a breadth of experiences that extend beyond the classroom;
  • Concern for the larger community and an appreciation for the natural environment;
  • Desire to continue the process of lifelong learning.

(as amended by the NYA Board of Trustees, June 2013)

Vision Statement

North Yarmouth Academy (NYA) will be at the forefront of toddler through 12th grade education.

  • NYA will inspire its students to strive for excellence in academics, arts, and athletics in pursuit of a full and balanced life.
  • NYA will nurture each student’s confidence, compassion, and integrity through meaningful connections with faculty, staff, coaches, alumni, and peers.
  • NYA will support students as they embrace risks, develop a passion for learning, and assume responsibility for their education.
  • NYA will prepare students to contribute in enriching ways to their local and global communities.
  • NYA will value and nourish vibrant and respectful relationships among all members of our community.

(as adopted by the NYA Board of Trustees, January 2014)

The NYA Difference

The possibilities are endless, and the outcomes are more than you could hope for.
Students are empowered to accept challenges, take chances, and try new things all within our safe and supportive community.
NYA students are prepared to thrive, whatever comes their way.

(April 2023)

NYA Community Values

The NYA community values the following character traits:


  • Expressing tolerance toward others with words and actions.
  • Interacting politely and appropriately with others.
  • Caring for one’s surroundings.
  • Valuing self and others.


  • Seeking to tell the truth.
  • Accepting ownership and responsibility for actions and work.
  • Establishing and maintaining trust in all relationships.


  • Persisting in the face of challenges.
  • Continuing to do the right things when it is difficult.
  • Making consistent ethical choices.


  • Being sensitive to the feelings, perspectives, and needs of others.
  • Reaching out to and helping those in need.
  • Showing empathy by being sensitive to the perspectives, needs, and feelings of others.
  • Standing up for others.


  • Demonstrating accountability for personal behavior.
  • Taking the initiative to do the things that are expected of one.
  • Following through with commitments and obligations.