NYA campus from above

Impact of DOE Yellow Status on NYA

December 18, 2020

Dear Families,

We received notification from the Maine DOE that the color designation for Cumberland County has been moved from green to yellow. This status will be re-evaluated on December 31. We want to briefly share what this means for North Yarmouth Academy:

1. NYA’s academic program and full time, in-person learning will not be impacted even if the designation remains yellow after January 4. From the start of the year, NYA has followed extensive safety protocols that allow the Academy to remain open to in-person learning. Our small class sizes allow NYA to accommodate all of our students simultaneously, while still adhering to the Maine DOE’s requirements, even with a yellow designation for Cumberland County. Other institutions with larger class sizes and populations are required to shift to a hybrid model to effectively follow the safety guidelines.

2. There will be an impact on extra-curricular activities. NYA will not be able to host Upper School athletic practices or other activity events during Winter Break. Coaches will reach out with details and plans for students to keep active over Winter Break.

3. With the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and community as our greatest consideration, it is our goal to keep our kids engaged and active as much as possible. We are working on plans to keep NYA Middle and Upper School students engaged in activities if Cumberland County remains yellow on January 4. Ms. Ross will communicate those plans prior to our return on January 4.

We hope you all have a nice holiday with your family. We will continue to share any updates.

Thank you.

Ben Jackson           Kelsy Ross
Head of School      Athletic Director