Who Made That Pepper?

peppernohagbwDavid Daigle has been thinking about his blog a lot.  He had many ideas.  What he didn’t have was a look and a name.  With some help from the kitchen staff and folks swinging by the kitchen for lunch or a snack, the name “food for thought” rose to the top.  But what about a look? He wanted a cool masthead for his page.  The obvious solution – ask Middle School visual arts teacher Tim McMahon ’93 (aka T-Mac).  T-Mac threw it out to his students, and soon David had a stack of drawings to choose from.

The favorite was eighth grader Jonah Eng’s chili pepper drawing.  Jonah drew two versions of the pepper – one with a chef’s hat and one without.  We liked both, but opted for the chef hat version for the masthead. We’ll probably use the hat-less pepper some, too.

On behalf of Mr. Daigle, thanks to the faculty and staff for their help with the name and for T-Mac, his students, and Jonah for their help with the design.

~the communications team