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Town Tuition

Affording NYA – School Choice/Town Tuition


Affording NYA may be more manageable than you think.

If you live in a town that does not offer a local school option, you may be eligible for “town tuition” to put toward the cost of attending North Yarmouth Academy.  Qualifying standards, implementation, and “town tuition” amounts vary.  Check directly with your town for more information.

In addition to town tuition, many NYA families take advantage of one or more of the following resources to help manage the investment in their child’s education:

  • NYA funded need-based financial assistancethis is not a financial aid loan that you would need to pay back. Need-based financial assistance is a grant provided by NYA based on the demonstrated financial needs of the family and the funding available. Applications for admission and financial assistance must be submitted at the same time.
  • Tuition Management Systems–  TMS offers 10 or 12 month payment plans
  • Your Tuition Solution– NYA refers families here for independent loan programs
  • Tuition Refund Plan– NYA offers an optional insurance policy that provides coverage in the event the student withdraws from the Academy after entry.  Annual costs for the TRP are 2.1% of the yearly tuition fee, payable prior to the beginning of school.