Technology Help – Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff Technology Help

Follow any of the links below to access additional information about using technology at North Yarmouth Academy as a Faculty or Staff member.

Also listed below is a list of resources available in the new Innovation Lab

Are you making the best use of your laptop and keeping it safe from harm?  Check these tips to keep your computer running smoothly at school and at home.

For individual problems or help with a task, check out the help sheets listed below by topic.

  • NYA Webpage:

** Where to Save Photos and Videos for the NYA Website

  • Microsoft Office

Office – Learn Where Menu and Toolbar Commands are in Office 2010

Typing in Mandarin using Microsoft Word

  • Microsoft Outlook (email) and Anti-Spam

Outlook – Checking Email at School

Microsoft Office 365: Outlook – Checking Email from Home

Outlook – How to Archive Email

Outlook – Accessing Public Folders

Anti-Spam 1 – Introduction and Quarantined Email

Anti-Spam 2 – Permanently Blocking or Allowing Email

  • Setting Up Your Laptop:

Laptop 101 – Laptop Basics

Laptop 101 – Adding a Printer

Laptop 101 – Saving Files

Laptop 101 – How to Make Files Available Offline

Laptop 101 – Connecting to the Wireless Network

Laptop 101 – How to Access the network from home (VPN)

Laptop 101 – How to Save Your Music in the Correct Location

  • RenWeb Student Information System:

FacutlyWeb – Initial Login and Changing Your Password

FacultyWeb – Print Class Rosters

FacultyWeb – Gradebook

FacultyWeb – Attendance

  • Phone and Voicemail:

Phone – Basics

Phone – Voicemail

  • General:

Approved Web-based Tools & Software

Reserving a Computer Lab or Equipment

Using the MS or US Test Calendar

How to Assign Detentions using RenWeb

** How to Use the Scanner in the Library

  • A/V Help Sheets:

A/V Instructions for Russell Classrooms

A/V Instructions for Middle School Classrooms

Innovation lab