Tasty Fresh Summer Treats

With the season of summer upon us, and just coming in from the garden, I wanted to focus on fresh offerings we have at NYA every day during the school year:

At the salad bar we have these options available:

Peas Carrots Corn Broccoli Tomatoes
Onions Cucumber Green Pepper Cottage Cheese Mandarin Oranges
Sprouts Salsa Black Beans Garbanzo Beans Shredded Cheese
Pickles Banana Peppers Croutons Seasoned Chicken Hard Boiled Eggs
Pineapple Beets Sesame Seeds Pumpkin Seeds Dried Cranberries
Peas Mixed Greens Feta Cheese Spinach Black Olives


In our cooler we have available:

Guacamole Corn Chips (in snack rack) Hummus
Carrot Sticks Cucumber Slices Ranch Dressing
Apple Sauces Cheese Yogurt


On the serving line we have a fruit bowl with:

Bananas Variety of Apples *Clementines
Kiwi *Watermelon Slices *Grapes

*if available/in season


I hope you all enjoy the summer break with your family!