Spring Student Short Film Competition

2017 Spring Student Short Film Competition

At long last, the Short Film Competition has entered the judging phase. The cameras have stopped rolling.  The final, agonizing edits have been completed.  Below, you will find the submissions for our first film competition.

The contest was wide open, with the only rule being that participants had to use ‘green screen’ technology in some form. This technique films in front of a single-color background that is removed in the digital editing process and replaced with an entirely different background photo or video.  Students had full access to the equipment in the Innovation Lab, including audio and video recorders, lights, tripods, Adobe editing and animation software, and a green screen.  Many participants attended a workshop on campus with independent Maine filmmaker Andy Davis, where they could get advice on their projects and the process in general.  And Middle School students were fortunate to have the seemingly boundless energy and assistance of art teacher Tim McMahon ’93!

The submissions are grouped in two categories, Middle School and Upper School, and separate awards will be given for each category.  Judges will rate the films, but audience vote will count as well!  You can view the films by clicking on the video players below.  If you wish to vote for a video, you will have to click the “Watch on YouTube” button that appears when the video is playing.  On its YouTube page, you can click the ‘thumbs up’ like button and register your vote.  On Thursday, May 18, those ‘likes’ will be tallied and factored into the final scores.  Winners will be announced and shown at Friday Forum on May 19.

Congratulations to all the students who participated and put in hours of hard work.  We hope that you enjoy the fruits of their labor.


*Please note that in some cases, credits which identify students have been removed from the films, in accordance with school policy for Internet content.


Middle School Films:

MS Film 1:  “Lego Police”


MS Film 2:  “Rescuing”


MS Film 3:  “The Hole”


MS Film 4:  “The Adventures of a Sticky Note”


MS Film 5:  “Star Wars – Attack on the Ewok Village”


Upper School Films:

US Film 1:  “Portals”


US Film 2:  “Perfection:  The Manager Who Led His Team To Victory”


We hope you enjoyed the shows.  Thanks for watching!