NYA campus from above

Return to School Plan-Clarification for Toddlers and Primary Students

December 30, 2021

Dear Toddler and Primary Families,

As a follow up to yesterday’s communication, I want to clarify our return to school plan as it relates to toddler and primary families. We are going to delay the start of school to at least Wednesday for this age group to allow for an extra buffer after the holidays and time for all faculty and staff to participate in pooled testing. Unfortunately, the toddler and primary age group are not eligible for pooled testing. While we are not requiring testing for toddler and primary students, we encourage you to continue to monitor for any symptoms and keep children at home when they are sick.

While we can’t fully predict the trajectory of this pandemic, we have no plans for any extended periods of school-wide remote learning. Rather, it remains very much the central goal to keep our students engaged and in school. We recognize how important this is as you continue to manage your personal and professional lives, and it is also in the best interest of our students’ health and development. Thank you for your patience as we plan for a safe return to school.

I hope your family has had a wonderful holiday.


Benjamin Jackson
Head of School