Message from the School Counselor – Resources for talking with children about war

March 5, 2022

Dear Members of the NYA Community,

It has been a difficult week in our world. As adults, we find ourselves grappling to make sense of the current violence in the Ukraine. My week included experiencing Upper School students asking historical and political questions of their teachers while generating fundraising efforts to support refugees. Then, on the opposite side of the spectrum, a Lower School student stated they overheard on the news that Russia was planning something.

We may be challenged to answer questions from our youth that are developmentally appropriate. I would encourage parents to be mindful of their conversations when children are present and what information their child can potentially absorb. Our technology has given us a first-hand view of conflict with drone photography and graphic images. It is important to monitor social media exposure and have open conversations about what our children are witnessing.

Always remember, you know your child best. They may be chronologically ready for information, but emotionally, they may be a sensitive child who may worry more than others and require additional support and protection.

Below are links to articles to provide guidance, if your child has concerns:

I hope you have a wonderful March Break.


Cindy Hould
NYA Counselor