Official NYA Transcript Request

Official Transcript Request

If you are an NYA graduate, and you would like to have an official NYA transcript (and any former high school transcripts) sent to a college, university, college coach, business, or insurance company, please complete this form to request an Official Transcript. Allow two weeks for processing time.

Date of Birth

Where Would You Like the Transcript Sent

Name of Individual at the Recipient Institution (if known)
Address of Recipient
Deadline for Submission
To have a teacher recommendation included with your transcript, please contact the teacher(s) who wrote for you and ask them for permission to use their letter and to forward it to the Registrar/College Counselor.
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Please note that official transcripts will only be released to the third parties listed above. College coaches must provide their college or university email address (ending in .edu). Former NYA students who did not graduate from the Academy should direct all requests to the Registrar.