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NYA Students to Rally Against Gun Violence

North Yarmouth Academy students will be displaying their support for bringing gun violence in schools to an end. Charlotte Collins ’18, Connor Dillon ’18, Hannah Gagne ’19, Kara Jensen ’18, Alex Markonish ’19, and Tessa Quattrucci ’18 head up the student initiative and have released the following statement.

On Friday, April 20, there will be a student-organized walkout. For those who wish to participate, seventh through twelfth graders will be able to walk out of class at 10:00 a.m. to silently line Main Street. This will last thirteen minutes to honor the thirteen innocent people who lost their lives on April 20, 1999 in the Columbine Shooting. Instead of taking a certain stance over legislation, our message is that no matter what, school shootings need to end. Seventeen people, between students, teachers, and faculty, lost their lives around two months ago in Parkland, Florida in a school shooting. Through this walkout, we want to show our support for the family, friends, and loved ones who have suffered a loss due to a school shooting. On top of showing our support, we want to make a statement that this is no longer acceptable and we, as a generation, will not be passive and watch it continue. 

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