ImPACT: Concussion Management Software

ImPACT: Concussion Management Software

About ImPACT

North Yarmouth Academy started utilizing the ImPACT program in 2001. At first, participation was in the Upper School primarily for students who played a sport with ImPACT (concussion) potential. As the program has evolved over the years, it is apparent that, given the athletic requirement at NYA, all students could benefit from it. Although historically the focus of the program has been related to concussions during athletic activity, it can also be utilized for concussions that are not sports related. Therefore it is prudent that all students participate.

The program consists of a questionnaire for profile information and health history; current symptoms and conditions; and a test using words, shapes and use of mouse/keyboard to test memory and reaction time. The program’s baseline test, when compared to a post-concussion test, provides valuable information which can assist healthcare providers in diagnosing, managing care and determining return to activity for persons with a concussion.

All NYA students take the ImPact yearly to ensure we have the most current baseline comparison possible.

Some details:

  • The process takes approximately 30-45 minutes, with the actual test being 20-30 minutes. It is done in groups of 10-12.
  • The results are then stored securely electronically by ImPACT. Access to the results is limited to those who have permission, primarily the school nurse, and if she is not available, her designee.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ashley Moody, School Nurse at 846-9051, ext 402 or