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NYA Fourth Grade Poet Inspired by Amanda Gorman

Quinn Barschdorf NYA Class of 2029Yarmouth, Maine, January 29, 2021: On January 20, 2021, North Yarmouth Academy (NYA) fourth grader Quinn Barschdorf of Yarmouth watched the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States in his classroom like many students across the nation. When National Youth Poet Laureate and inaugural Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman, stepped up to the podium on the U.S. Capitol Building and began reciting “The Hill We Climb,” Quinn hung on every word.

“I liked the rhythm and bravery of Amanda Gorman’s poem,” said Barschdorf. “That inspired me to write my own words. I hope people know that everyone can do anything, even if they are small.” Inspiration ran through his veins that night. Quinn decided to put his own observations of the world and thoughts on the future to paper. “I wrote about equal rights because it sent our good vibes and showed people how we need to step up and get into gear.”

At NYA’s Friday Forum on January 29, Quinn stepped up to the podium and delivered his poem “World Peace” in front of the senior class, with the rest of the school watching virtually.

Here is his poem:

“World Peace”
By Quinn Barschdorf

“We need to make this right with some equal rights for women and people of color, we need more voters and we need more protests. We didn’t fight for our rights for nothing, friends and family died for rights of all races, genders, beliefs, traditions, and sexual orientations. The U.S. is cut and bruised, but we will build a new nation for some new inspirations, we can have the sensation of vacation in our new nation for whom we stand is America and its people. No more misunderstanding or jailing of people of color nor no more judging on simple appearances. Differences is the definition of life and life is a knife that keeps the world surviving in every memory of COVID or World Wars that opens the core of the world and the words of wisdom is our future of uniting the world with not arms but peace. Together arm in arm we shall march for all equal rights. The U.S. and China will reunite with open arms to embrace the challenges ahead with peace and equality. We need more love not hate friends not enemies. We will repay the world for what it gave us, we will be curled together as friends and we will mend…Again…So let us be it. So let us do it.”

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