Welcome to My World

Hello!  My name is David Daigle, and I am the Food Service Manager here at NYA.   Welcome to my new page! I wanted to take a moment to tell you about some of the products and services we provide to students, faculty, and staff.

Our goal is to provide fresh products from local growers whenever possible while keeping an eye on costs.  The following are some of the daily healthy choices we offer:

  • Fruit bowl with seasonal choices
    • in the fall we have apples from Hansel’s Orchard – the owners are alumni parents!
  • Salad Bar with a rotating stock of 26 different items
    • fresh veggies and different proteins
  • Sandwiches made to order
    • 8 kinds of bread and wraps to choose from
    • Optional veggies from the salad bar are included
    • Lean meats that are low on fat and sodium
      • The nutritional information for a 2 ounce serving:
      • FatSodiumCalories
        Turkey1 g250 mg50
        Ham3 g500 mg64
        Roast Beef2 g180 mg70

We also provide “pre-ordered” lunches which are also charged to accounts at order submission. This allows folks to pick up their meal:

  • without waiting in line to order and have it made, and
  • without standing in line at checkout.

Pre-order slips can be obtained and used for the following:

  • Folks with special dietary needs
    • Reduces the chance of cross contamination (peanuts, etc)
  • After school meals/ snacks which can be picked up at the student’s convenience in the Lunch Box fridge in the cafeteria
    • athletics, drama, and other special events
  • Senior privilege

We are pleased to offer the following items which we make from scratch:

  • Most of our soups
  • Hummus, jams, and cookies

Our bagels are made by a local bakery, and most of our hamburger is purchased from Maine farmers.

In the upcoming months, I will continue to keep you informed on what the kitchen staff is up to!

In the meantime, please stop by or send me an email if you have questions or ideas. Speaking of ideas … We have a suggestions box in the cafeteria and would love to hear from you!