DwD Feature 2023

Diplomas with Distinction

Diplomas with Distinction:
more than you ever thought possible

Students may pursue a subject of their interest with guided, individualized study.

In addition to real-world application, personal interest and coursework ownership are emphasized at North Yarmouth Academy. Students can achieve a Diploma with Distinction in any of seven offerings:  Music: Performance, Entrepreneurship, and Community;  Creative Writing; Global Citizenship; Outdoor and Environmental Leadership; STEM; Social Advocacy; and Visual Arts. Through their distinction, students become highly proficient in their genre of study through the completion of a capstone project, as well as connect with industry practitioners to identify a path for their future selves.

Capstone Examples:

Distinction in STEM 2022-Boys and Girls Club mentor, creating resources to support immigrant children.

-Psychoanalytic portraiture where subjects are asked a series of questions inspired by Carl Jung’s “Archetypes,” allowing access to an emotional level that traditional portraiture may miss.

-Arduino Robot Designed to Fetch the Remote Control from under a couch.

-Opioid use after plastic surgery.

-Tracing the current inequities in healthcare systems around the world.

-Working with surgeon and scrubbing in to lung transplant surgeries.

Malawi Trip Gagne 2019-Engineering analysis of the cooling system at the ice rink and proposal for upgrades to improve efficiency.

-Examination of the rights and roles of U.S. territories and how current claims for rights and statehood resemble historical struggles.

-Water Quality Analysis along the Spurwink River, comparing results to regional data.

-Studied bilingualism in education, mapping language-learning theory and discovered ways in which languages shape us, travel to France.

-Immigrant Welcome Center internship, learned American Sign Language and studied the history of the deaf community’s challenges and unique culture.

-Investment strategies and a deep dive into the workings of the stock market.

-Cancer research with rats.G Meuhle Portrait

-Gaming design.

-Booked, marketed, and performed a series of cello, voice, and flute performances in the community.

Lung Surgery - Diploma with Distinction-Using chemistry, designed a custom foundation palette for complex skin types.

-Explored the connection between writer and audience and published and presented work to the public.

-Worked with engineers in the field.

Distinction Details: