North Yarmouth Academy Art Students Exhibit at Clayton’s

NYA Now: The Creative Explorations of the NYA Upper School Art Studio is now on display at Clayton’s Café & Bakery (447 US-RT1, Yarmouth, Maine). This exhibit displays the wide range of disciplines and techniques explored in the NYA Upper School Art Studio. These disciplines include drawing, oil painting, screen printing, and independent study. Student experience ranges from beginning to advanced placement. Students are prepared by first learning to use the fundamentals of art through classical methods, and as they move up through the levels of each discipline, they are encouraged to use their strong fundamentals to create unique compositions and tackle challenging subject matter.

Contributing artists include: Samantha Babbitt ‘22, Jack Nice ’21, Jack Lent ’19, Lexi Haedrich ‘21, Sydney Billings ’20, Naomi Reischmann ’21, Nichole Pappas ’20, Malia Morin ‘20, Justin Demeule ‘22, Finn Murray ‘19, Maya Davis ’20, Taylor Hemenway ’21, Abram Buehner ’19, Abby King ‘22, Marion Robbins ‘22, Salem Griswold ’21, Alaina Rauf ’21, Quinn Hunold ’21, James Tourigny ’22, Bryce Poulin ’22, Tallulah Im ’22, Ellie Griswold ’19, and Helen Hamblett ’19.

North Yarmouth Academy is an independent, college preparatory, coeducational school for toddlers to students in grade twelve. Since 1814, NYA has fostered integrity, character and intellect in its students. For more information, please contact NYA at 207-847-5423 or visit our website at