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NYA Summer Programs – Still a Few Openings

Yarmouth, Maine, June 10, 2022: North Yarmouth Academy (NYA) Summer Programs are just about full, however we do have a few spots open in these featured camps:

New! Bicycle Adventure Camp

Ages: 11-13
Session 1: June 13-17, 2022
Session 8:  August 8-12, 2022
(8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.)
Campers will develop an appreciation of biking around the Yarmouth area along roads, trails, and mountains. Safety, exploration fun, and fitness will be our road map. Details of each day’s route is TBD. Campers will be encouraged to bike 10-20 miles a day with stops for activities like swimming, hiking, kickball, whiffle ball, and cloud-gazing. This camp will be a time to disconnect from technology and build a relationship with nature. Rainy days will be spent hiking, but severe weather days will be spent indoors. Campers must bring their own bicycle with a lock, helmet, hiking shoes and or sneakers, water bottle, lunch, snacks, bathing suit, and backpack suitable for biking.
Instructors: Therese Liptak, NYA Creative Movement Specialist, and Cayla Liptak, Assistant Athletic Director at Holderness Wilderness School

NEW! Camp Aloha! Beginner Ukulele & Literacy Camp
Ages: 6-8
Session 6: July 25-29, 2022
Aloha! Mid-summer is the perfect time to learn to play the “happiest tiny instrument” and review literacy concepts for the coming school year. Campers will enjoy two short ukulele sessions per day; we will introduce 3 basic chords-C, F, and G7- which can be used to play hundreds of songs. Song charts will allow us to review basic reading and spelling skills. Through stories, crafts, games, hula dancing and song, we will we celebrate summer learning with an island style flair and atmosphere. Ukuleles are provided.
Instructor:  Shannon Gallagher, NYA Lower School Teacher, Certified National Geographic Educator
(Note: the Session 5 week of this camp is full)

NEW! Down Deep
High Touch High Tech Science Camps (NYA partner)

Ages: Entering Grades 1-6
Session 2: June 20-24, 2022
Enter the underwater world! Discover creatures, big and small. From tiny planktons to sharks. Learn about the ocean ecosystem and how different creatures survive and thrive. How does sand get to the beach and how deep is the ocean? We will answer these and so many other questions in a week filled with fun, hands-on science!
Instructor: High Touch High Tech Science Camp staff

About High Touch High Tech Science Camp:  Our science summer camp programs are geared for the preschool through sixth grade camper and provide fun and safe science activities for children that will keep their minds active during the summer months. Your inquisitive campers will enjoy, “Doing science, not viewing science,” as they participate in hands-on science experiences that are age and academically appropriate. High Touch High Tech scientists are trained to foster a creative and non-competitive environment in which all campers are encouraged to share their knowledge and ideas while interacting with their peers in our summer camp programs.

All materials are included, and many programs provide take home experiments. Each of your campers will be recognized for their contributions and accomplishments by receiving a science certificate of participation. Our enriching science summer camp activities provide inspiring experiences and opportunities for the curious camper to investigate a wide variety of science topics in ways that will be both meaningful and memorable.

Dancing Jaguar’s Spirit Camp
Dancing Jaguar Inspirations (NYA partner)

Ages 7-12
Session 8: August 8-12, 2022
With a holistic approach to integrating mind, body and spirit, this camp teaches children how to nurture their inner world. We live in a modern society that places value on nurturing the mind and body. Dancing Jaguar’s Spirit Camp teaches children how to nurture their heart and spirit. When children are encouraged to trust their intuition, honor their truth, and speak from the heart, they can develop their inner compass and trust themselves to make choices in high school and beyond that will sustain them. Ancient healing practices and modern holistic techniques are combined to introduce the curriculum using an array of methods such as storytelling, crafts, activities, games and spending time in nature. Children are introduced to guided visualizations to help them identify their inner critic and inner champion, breathing techniques, the law of attraction, an attitude of gratitude, working with chakras and auras, shamanic journeying, mindfulness, discovering power animals, and much more! This unique program offers children a profound opportunity to experience a deeper awareness of who they are while they are having fun and playing games. Dancing Jaguar’s Spirit Camp teaches them about who they are in a non-competitive, supportive environment. To learn more about Dancing Jaguar Inspirations, visit or

Instructor: Dancing Jaguar Inspirations staff

For more information and to register, visit the summer programs webpage or contact Mary Goodrich, NYA Summer Programs Director, at

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