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The Athletic Philosophy

Athletics at NYA:  co-curricular, not extracurricular

Cross Country Fall 2023
Athletics gives impactful outcomes through developing intangible skillsets.

Unique to NYA, athletics is just as much a priority as the other programs in the mission of nurturing the whole individual. So on the surface, students participate in team sports and activities, but within the program, students are exploring personal growth, navigating leadership structures, and overcoming challenges. With the activity requirement, students are discovering new skills, interacting with others in new spaces, and finding more possibilities for their future. These principles have allowed our campus to build an excelling athletics roster, as well as offer students a lens into primary, secondary, and even tertiary outcomes from their athletic experiences.

Golf fall 2024NYA believes that students learn as much about respect, honesty, perseverance, compassion, and responsibility from participation in an individual sport as they do from a team sport. To that end, NYA offers both individual and team sports each season.

At NYA, trying new things is the norm, and this extends to athletic activities. Students are asked to participate in various activities, even with little or no previous experience. Those who don’t believe they have the skills they need to participate in a sport, or have never played a sport, will find they are embraced by their new teammates, and oftentimes, find a new strength. It is common to hear a student say they’d never consider playing the sport they selected, but now they love it.

NYA Ice Skating PEStarting out young.

With the belief that physical fitness and wellness are vital parts of development, we begin to nurture the love of physical activity in the Lower School. Students begin with dedicated Creative Movement classes through preschool, moving into our Physical Education program from elementary to fifth grade.

NYA LS MOvementPhysical Education focuses on healthy movement, specific sport skills, and teamwork before students begin to join the afterschool athletic teams in sixth grade. Lower School students utilize the Fitness & Wellness Center for programming in yoga, meditation, circuit training, and learn-to-skate at NYA’s Travis Roy Ice Arena located on our campus.

NYA 2023 VB Lax vs GreelyAthletics as an avenue for wellness.

The athletic staff includes an athletic trainer and a fitness and wellness coach. With these staff members, as well as their coaches and peers, athletics is an avenue for students to keep a high regard for their health and well being.

MSXC in Fitness & WellnessOur activity requirement is not limited to the sports we offer. Students may apply for a waiver to participate in an activity NYA does not currently offer like dance, gymnastics, equestrian, rock climbing, and more. Students are not required to participate in an athletic activity each season. Starting in sixth grade, students may opt to participate in the winter musical, and starting in the ninth grade, students may also take advantage of non-active afterschool activities such as studio band (like garage band), team management, game management, spring drama, or as an aftercare student volunteer in the Lower School.

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