Turn a spark of creativity
into a lifelong passion.
If you like music or drama or fine arts,
or just want to give it a try,
no matter what genre, style, or medium,
NYA has – or will create – a program that lights you up.

The arts are a big part of who we are.

They are a gift that we share with each other every day. As you walk the halls of the school, where student work is always on display, you might find students playing guitar or steel pan in the hallway, rehearsing lines for an upcoming drama performance, photographing a sculpture for an upcoming exhibit, singing in harmony, or looking through an art book. In a world where life is getting faster and more stressful, the deliberate pace and deep focus of the artistic process become more valuable. We recognize that at NYA and ensure that all students have artistic opportunities.

NYA Performing Arts

Visual Arts at NYA