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Alumni Profile – Zac Moseley ‘95

Alumni Profile

Z Mosley NYAZac Moseley ‘95  
New York City, NY
Owner/Director, Classic Car Club Manhattan

You might be surprised to learn that an NYA alumnus who hails from a small town in Maine is the founding owner and operator of one of New York City’s most famousuniqueand sought-after clubs. But it’s true. 

Zac Moseley ‘95 and his business partners, Mike Prichinello and Phil Kavanagh, are the owners of Classic Car Club (CCC) Manhattan, a private club offering their over 2,000 members an enriching, active lifestyle, access to chic Manhattan clubhouse that overlooks the Hudson River, and one-of-a-kind car driving experiences. Their impressive fleet of cars includes everything from the latest exotics from Ferrari, Mclaren, Aston Martin and others to jaw dropping classics from a 1967 Porsche to a Shelby Cobra. In addition to cool cars, CCC has created a culture and community for car fanatics by offering events at racetracks, trips aboard, a club cycling team, culinary classesand more. 

So how did Zac make the leap from Maine student at NYA to working his dream job in NYC? 

“A lot of hard work,” says Zac. “My parents really believed in education and hard workand they instilled those values in us. My brother and I started a landscaping business at ages 8 and ten years old and being at NYA pushed us academically.

Zac enjoyed the close-knit community and the ways in which he was pushed out of his comfort zone at NYA. The senior speech experience was pivotal for him and remains a valuable skill in his life today. 

Zac came to NYA as a sixth-grade student. His older brotherJeremy Moseley ‘93, had enrolled two years before him. 

“My mom was really dialed into education,” remembers Zac. “She is the one who primarily wanted us to have an independent school experience.” 

At NYA, Zac played hockey, lacrosse, and soccer before getting a waiver to pursue mountain biking in the fall. He also played in a band with NYA friends that was called on to entertain at school functions, like Homecoming. 

“I enjoyed NYA, the close-knit communityand the ways I was pushed out of my comfort zone. In particular, the senior speech experience was pivotal for me (as a not very outgoing kidto speak in front of a large crowd, which remains a valuable skill in my life today.”  

After NYA, Zac headed to the University of Colorado Boulder and earned Bachelor of Science degree in architectural engineering.  

At NYA, I struggled a bit with the heavy course load and rigorous academicsbut by the time college came I had a great framework to build on and disciplined study habits,” recalls Zac. “I chose University of Colorado Boulder because I was ready for something different, bigger, well-rounded educationand (selfishly) I wanted tgo snowboarding.” 

After graduating college in 1999, Zac was eager to get back to the East Coast to pursue a career in lighting design for architecture, which provided him the opportunity to apply both his creative and technical skills in a fun, jet-setting lifestyle while working with some of the world’s best architects

After five years of lighting design with a firm in New York, Zac felt he had hit a ceiling with this career and was serendipitously watching a documentary on CCC London, the first carsharing club in the UK. Within one week of learning about the CCC, he met the London founder and his current business partner. A month later he quit his job and set out to launch CCC Manhattan, which opened a year later.  

“At 27, my partner and I didn’t exactly have a road map for our business success, but we did have an insatiable passion, strong work ethic, and critical thinking skills, which helped to make our dreams a reality.” 

Today he is married with three childrenages ten, 7 and 3and lives just outside of NYC. 

And what does the man with access to the coolest cars drive, you might wonder? A hot-rodded Volkswagen e-Golf – an all-electric commuter hatchbackthat he’s building out into the ultimate daily driver 

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