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Alumni Profile – Rheanna Sinnett ’99

Alumni Profile

Just Add WaterRheanna Sinnett ’99
Just Add Water Floating Camps

Where do you live now? Bremen, Maine (after NYA by way of Florida, DC, California, and Germany)

What do you do? I currently own and operate my own eco-tourism business, Just Add Water Floating Camps, renting houseboats on Pemaquid Pond, and also manage and caretake Otyokwa Cabins, a vacation property in Bremen, Maine. Prior to that, I served 11 and a half years in the US Navy as a Helicopter Pilot all over the world and continue to serve as a Commander in the US Navy Reserves.

Where did you go to college and what did you study? I attended The US Naval Academy and majored in Chemistry.

What was your favorite academic class at NYA?  Oh… tough one. I always loved my English classes. Mrs. Feldman and Mr. Gengras (who definitely MADE me recite Shakespeare in class despite my best early military evasion tactics)

What extracurricular activities did you participate in at NYA? Did you continue any after graduating? Lots of sports – Basketball primarily.  And yes, I continued that for a bit after graduation at USNA (and with my niece and nephews to this day where I remain the driveway CHAMP in the 7yo and under division). I also played (and loved) softball and cross country at NYA. I continued running (lots…) at the Naval Academy. I can’t say that I loved it, but at least NYA primed me for that!

What makes NYA different from other schools? The close relationships you get to have with everyone at NYA, the level of trust you can build because of those relationships, and the confidence those relationships afford you moving forward into the world. The time I spent at NYA was foundational.

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