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Postgraduate Program

Postgraduate Program

North Yarmouth Academy provides a structured and supportive postgraduate program that builds a solid foundation for the successful transition to college.

Postgraduate Brochure

PostgNYA Executive Council President 23-24 Convocationraduate Program

The postgraduate program at NYA is open to high school graduates who would benefit from an additional year of study before college. The NYA postgraduate program gives students the opportunity to mature academically in a structured, supportive environment. A year at NYA provides an added foundation necessary for a successful transition to college.

At North Yarmouth Academy, learning happens in the classroom, on the fields and in the rehearsal halls. Students benefit from small class sizes, a culture of honesty and integrity, and one-on-one mentoring from their teachers. NYA students graduate with a strong foundation in writing, critical thinking, and confident self-expression. NYA graduates adjust easily to the demands and freedom that college brings, allowing them to focus on discovering their paths in life.

Bicentennial Learning Commons 2023Curriculum

NYA’s faculty members help postgraduate students identify their strengths and their growth opportunities, and they work closely with students to develop a fine-tuned course of study that best meets their academic goals. The postgraduate curriculum offers choices along three paths: Humanities, Math & Science, and Fine Arts. The course of study includes AP courses, visual & performing arts, and level III and IV language courses in Spanish, French, Latin and Mandarin.  A curriculum path is customized to address each postgraduate student’s needs and to bring out the best in each individual student.

Postgraduate students may also pursue an independent study in an area of great interest that is not part of the NYA curriculum. This can take many forms and would be designed to allow the student to pursue a particular passion. In addition, there are many activities a postgraduate student may participate in such as investment club, chess club, robotics, volunteering and more.

College Counseling

Postgraduate students immediately begin one-on-one meetings with an NYA college counselor to identify colleges that meet the student’s criteria. Upon finding the right fit, the college counselor will help work through the college application process step-by-step. 100% of the Class of 2023 was accepted to college. 89% of the class submitted at least one early action application. 73% of applications submitted early were accepted. Virtually 100% of NYA students go on to a four-year college after graduating, though some students choose to take a gap year or play Junior hockey before enrolling.

Extracurricular OfferingsGirls Hockey 2021

Postgraduate students will design an individual afternoon activity program that may include but not be limited to the following:

  • Middle School Mentoring
  • Community Service/Volunteering
  • Prep Hockey
  • Year-round personal training on campus
  • Local and recreational club athletics: soccer, lacrosse, and others
  • School clubs including music

All individual programs will be created in conjunction with the Director of Athletics and the Head of the Upper School.

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