Middle School

In Middle School, you are celebrated as an individual.
Play a new sport, try a new instrument, ask challenging questions,
push yourself and try something you have never tried before.

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Middle School Language Class 2023The Middle School at North Yarmouth Academy is full of faculty who care about students. We care about you not only as a learner, but also as a person. We want to teach you, but more importantly we want to get to know you and to learn with and from you. The Middle School is full of students who love coming to school, participating in classes, reading, writing, creating, performing, and playing sports; students who are eager to learn and to explore. Come see what it is like to be part of a caring community of learners who embrace opportunity and invite challenge. Discover the Middle School at NYA.

Middle School Classroom

NYA MS Science Instruction 2018Overview

When students reach middle school age, the world seems to open up, both inside and out. The way they think about everything – school, sports, friends, culture – changes. It can be thrilling, and it can be daunting. The Middle School program at NYA is designed to help students navigate their way as they grow from children into young adults. We focus first on providing an environment that is safe, open, and accepting, allowing students to take chances and try new challenges with the knowledge that there is a community of faculty, staff, and peers there to support them. Through our advisory program, students have a close connection with a teacher who is available to listen or offer guidance. Small classes; days full of academics, athletics, and arts; close connections between students, parents, and teachers; and numerous opportunities for students to learn both in and out of the classroom form the basis for success.

NYA Middle School TennisThought provoking classroom discussions and projects encourage students to think critically, work collaboratively, and communicate effectively. Students learn to set the bar high and to take advantage of opportunities to stretch their experiences. Teachers combine content and skill building with the formation of effective study habits, providing a strong foundation for life-long learning. Experiential education initiatives foster team-building and mutual respect, as well as confidence and self-discipline. By the end of their Middle School program, students have gained academic, organizational, social, and leadership skills, and are thoroughly prepared for the challenges ahead.