Go Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom

We believe that often you have to do it to learn it,
and what happens outside the classroom is just as important
as what happens inside.

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NYA Sophomore trip 2021Go Beyond

At North Yarmouth Academy, we go beyond. Beyond the basics, beyond expectations… beyond the classroom. At NYA, you get more out of your school. Here’s how:

The Diplomas with Distinction

Malawi Trip H GagneOne of the best measures of an NYA education is how many of our students find their passion while here. These diploma distinctions give motivated young men and women a vehicle to explore passions with intensity and to gain recognition for that work. We offer seven Diplomas With Distinction:

  • Distinction in Global Citizenship
  • Distinction in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
  • Distinction in Music: Performance, Entrepreneurship, and Community
  • Distinction in Outdoor & Environmental Leadership
  • Distinction in Social Advocacy
  • Distinction in Visual Arts
  • Distinction Creative Writing

The Kauffmann Program in Environmental Writing and Wilderness Exploration

“I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.”
–John Muir

With a focus on environmental thinking, writing, conservation, and wilderness travel, The Kauffmann Program creates opportunities for NYA students, high school students across Maine, and the larger community to acknowledge the importance of wilderness conservation and environmental issues.

From sea kayaking the coast of Alaska to learning about climate change to hiking the Bigelows of Maine to learning about stewardship in our state, we believe wilderness experiences help students dive into critical thinking, writing workshops, positive action, and lifelong friendships.

NYA Beach Trip 2nd Grade 2021The Lower School Approach

Lower School students learn to skate in our ice arena, play instruments like the violin and ukulele, grow vegetables in our campus greenhouse, perform in plays, and outside of the classroom, learn in nature.

Our talented faculty guide students through an expansive exploration of culture, language, literacy, math, and science as children develop into students with a deep understanding and respect for learning and knowledge.

The NYA Lower School serves toddlers (starting at 18 months) through grade four using Montessori methods through kindergarten. We teach Spanish, Creative Movement, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Library, and Music.

The Senior Speech

We begin fostering public speaking skills early, bringing together the high level of writing, thinking, and speaking that NYA students develop during their time here. The Senior Speech plays a deep role in the school: it is a rite of passage for students and a sincere demonstration of the strong community for which NYA is distinguished. At our all-school meetings, we hear the passionate, the heartfelt, the humorous. The Senior Speech is one of our great traditions, allowing the whole community to come together around each senior.

Sophomore class trip 2022 fallMore than field trips!

At least once each year (sometimes twice!), Upper and Middle School students take a class trip, usually an overnight.  These trips promote team building and community and often have a service component. Recent trips include a visit to New York City to spend time with 9-11 first responders, whitewater rafting on the Kennebec River, hiking the Bigelows at Flagstaff Lake (part of Maine Huts and Trails), an overnight aboard the schooner Stephen Taber, and overnights at Chewonki and Camp Kieve – just to name a few.

Students take day trips to places like Jackson Labs, Boston Museum of Science, the New England Aquarium, and Boston Museum of Art, to experience what they are learning.

Special guests regularly visit NYA to share their experiences and expertise. Authors, explorers, scientists, artists, surgeons, firefighters, attorneys, engineers, athletes, and many more come to campus to speak to classes or the entire community.

The NYA Lower School serves toddlers (starting at 18 months) through grade four using Montessori methods through kindergarten. We teach Spanish, Creative Movement, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Library, and Music.