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The Arts Philosophy

The Arts Philosophy

Art ClassThe arts are for everyone.

In a world where life is getting faster and more stressful,  the deliberate pace and deep focus of the artistic process becomes more valuable. We recognize that at NYA and ensure all students have artistic opportunities. As they pursue sophistication in artistic expression, some students welcome the opportunity, and others tentatively step into brand-new experiences. For some, the expectation to engage in the arts allows them to discover something they never dreamed they’d love. At NYA, we do not believe artists aren’t scientists, that musicians aren’t athletes, and that singers can’t draw!

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The program.

Lower School students through fifth graders participate in weekly instrumental, visual, and vocal arts. Our third and fourth graders also have violin instruction. Elementary students may participate in an optional theater production.

Fifth graders have daily performing arts and twice weekly visual arts instruction. Beginning in the sixth grade, students continue to explore the various visual arts mediums twice weekly in our Middle School art studio, while having the opportunity to choose their preferred musical ensemble(s).

US Music - Grandparents' Day 2023As students enter the Upper School, every artistic avenue remains open, allowing them to pursue the path(s) they are most excited about. The daily schedules are created, in part, to allow students access to it all –students do not have to choose between multiple creative endeavors or between other co-curricular activities and the arts. If they want, they can do it all!

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