From Montessori pre-school to AP in high school, our
teachers excel in fostering curiosity and building the academic
foundation for whatever comes next in a student’s life.


Upper School teacher and student at NYA 2023The Academic program at NYA is designed to inspire and challenge students at each level while supporting their changing needs. From the earliest ages, students learn to be independent and to assume responsibility for their own learning. Small class size and close student-teacher relationships promote confidence and collaboration as students take advantage of the richness of community and personal interaction. Our 20+ acre campus provides numerous resources including a music building, science building, art studios, and a two-story greenhouse. In History, English, Mathematics, Science, Modern and Classical Languages, and Visual and Performing Arts, students develop problem-solving skills based on sound analytical and creative thought and strive toward sophistication in writing, speaking, and artistic expression. From Montessori through Advanced Placement and Independent Studies, students are empowered to inquire, engage, question, analyze, empathize, and discern. NYA does not utilize the proficiency based grading system. Check out our curriculum guide/course catalog for more detailed information.