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The Chronicle is not just an alumni magazine.
It’s intended for everyone! Issues contain profiles and
features, sports, news, event wrap-ups, class notes,
the annual report, and much more.

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Cover of Chronicle Magazine Fall 2022, North Yarmouth AcademyFall 2021: Panther Pride

Fall 2020: The World Has Changed

Fall 2019: The Senior Speech

Fall 2018: NYA Growth

Fall 2017:  Tools to Empower

Fall 2016:  Beyond the Classroom

Fall 2015:  Alaska!

Fall 2014:  Beneath The Surface

Fall 2013: Bicentennial Issue

Fall 2012: The Big Dig

Winter 2011: Head of School Brad Choyt

Fall 2010: Goodbye Headmaster Peter Mertz

Winter 2009-2010:  NYA Sports

Spring 2009: How Would You Make the World a Better Place?