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Resources for Learning at Home

Resources for Learning at Home

This page contains a collection of links to websites on a variety of topics organized by theme. It was created as a resource for remote learning due to COVID, but the links can really be used any time!

Keep Calm and Carry On!   
Visit our Healthy Mind & Body page for resources for body & mind. It contains links to videos and websites on mindfulness and ways to maintain a positive mental attitude.

Message from NYA School Counselor, Cindy Hould, about supporting your child during COVID-19

Maine Crisis Hotline – 1-888-568-1112


Where did we get all these links? We received suggestions from NYA teachers and staff, other schools, and we also did a lot of poking around the internet. There is SO MUCH out there!

Do you have some ideas of your own? Please send suggestions and links to communications@nya.org.