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Board of Trustees

North Yarmouth Academy is a non-profit organization
governed by a dedicated board of trustees.

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 About the Board

The North Yarmouth Academy Board of Trustees serves to perpetuate the Academy’s mission and vision and maintain the long-term health of the school. The Board appoints and oversees the Head of School, establishes broad policies, plans strategically for the Academy’s future, and develops and stewards the school’s financial and capital resources.

The Board supports the Academy and its leadership and seeks to advance both. Members, who serve in a voluntary capacity, are drawn from a variety of constituencies: alumni, current and past parents and grandparents, and other friends of the school.

The work of the board is completed through its standing committees, each of which meets regularly throughout the year.

Meet the NYA 2023-2024 Board of Trustees


Linda Manchester, President P ’15, ’20
James Cabot, Vice President ’98, P ’30, ’32, ’36
Sarah Kirby, Vice President P’28, ’30
Jason Currier, Treasurer ’95
Barbara Marr, Secretary P ’17

Benjamin Jackson, Head of School P ’21, ’22, ’26

Nick Alberding P ’18, ’21
Frederique Daniel P ’26, ’28, ’30, ’32
James Garrett ’98
Bob Hilscher P ’16, ’18, ’20
Nathan Isaacson ’06
Christopher Lorenz P ’28, ’30
Jessica Lynch P ’29, ’31
Steve Malcom P ’15, ’17

Linc Merrill ’75, P ’04, ’06
Drew Oestreicher ’89
Lori Poulin P ’22
Christie Rana P ’28
Hannah Renyi P’29, ’30
Peter Robbins P’22, ’25

Catriona Sangster  P ’16
Sig Schutz P ’23, ’24
Meg Stornelli ’01

Betsy Tod P’20, ’25
Caty von Brecht Werner ’05

Mary Anderson
Stephen Anderson
Mark Fasold P ’96, ’99, ’03
Christopher Flower P ’94
Margot Milliken P ’03
Chris Pierce P ’01, ’05
Michael Savage P ’88, ’90
Priscilla Savage P ’88, ’90
Curtis Scribner P ’88