Nurturing in Nature


How Does Nature Impact Our Wellbeing? from the University of Minnesota
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Nature Can Improve Academic Outcomes
Nature Can Improve Health and Wellbeing 

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How to Make Your Own Flower Crown


How to Make Mica Glitter


Natural Meditation: Sit Spot



Building a Debris Shelter


Forest Bathing
Ten Nature Activities to Get Your Family through the Coronavirus Pandemic


Make a Nature Mandala


Another example of a Nature Mandala



Bird Spy Bingo! Click on the graphic for a link to a printable PDF


Nature Bracelets: wrap masking tape around your wrist, sticky side up & find beautiful plants and flowers to add to your bracelet as you hike
Another example of a Nature Bracelet

Find the Edibles (be sure to check with your parents before you do this one!)

Video by Creative Images Photography

Mindfulness Links – Nature