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Diversity Statement

NYA Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At NYA, we recognize that our school exists in a diverse community, nation, and world. It is NYA’s mission to include people with different viewpoints, cultural backgrounds, and ways of life.

At the heart of NYA’s mission is the goal to promote an inclusive environment where students and staff of all cultural backgrounds, races, gender identities, sexual orientations, ethnicities, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds are welcome and all voices are heard. North Yarmouth Academy will continue to take steps to ensure its community and programs serve a diverse range of students and voices.

The Academy’s overriding goal is to promote an inclusive community that treats one another with respect and compassion, is culturally competent, and active in both our school community and the world beyond.

North Yarmouth Academy remains committed to:

  • Developing curriculum that embraces diverse perspectives and backgrounds to equip our students with the skills to contribute and excel in a culturally diverse world.
  • Promoting access to and growing a diverse and inclusive community through enrollment efforts, faculty recruitment, and need-based financial aid.
  • Equipping our students with the tools to think critically and engage in thoughtful discourse about issues related to topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

March 18, 2021, Statement Regarding the Rise of Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI):

North Yarmouth Academy joins with many across the nation in condemning recent xenophobic attacks against those of Asian descent. NYA has a long standing tradition of welcoming international students that dates back to the 19th Century. Our Asian students have made a profound, positive impact on our school’s culture and community over the years. As a community, we affirm our commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive environment for all students and families and will continue to stand by our Asian students. -Ben Jackson, Head of School

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