Kitchen Traditions

I thought you might want to know about some of the things we have been doing in the NYA kitchen for quite some time: We have been recycling and composting for the past 17 years. We have made a “Special Sandwiches List” every year since 2005. The sandwiches on the List are named after students, two from each grade in the Middle … Learn more about this story

NYA Hosts Tibetan Monk Khen Rinpoche

On Thursday, April 13, North Yarmouth Academy (NYA) will welcome Khen Rinpoche back to campus. Rinpoche is a Tibetan Buddhist monk and founding director of the Siddartha School in Ladakh, India. Rinpoche is visiting officially to present a Mani prayer wheel to the Academy. This traditional Buddhist wheel is filled with thousands of mantras which are the universal mantra of compassion. … Learn more about this story

Garbage to Garden Composting at NYA

My name is Xander Bartone, and I’m a senior here at NYA. I’m very excited to share that NYA is working with the Portland non-profit Garbage to Garden in order to compost our food waste and therefore improve our sustainability. I have always believed that it is important to help the environment, and as a senior, I wanted to implement … Learn more about this story

Welcome to My World

Hello!  My name is David Daigle, and I am the Food Service Manager here at NYA.   Welcome to my new page! I wanted to take a moment to tell you about some of the products and services we provide to students, faculty, and staff. Our goal is to provide fresh products from local growers whenever possible while keeping an … Learn more about this story

Who Made That Pepper?

David Daigle has been thinking about his blog a lot.  He had many ideas.  What he didn’t have was a look and a name.  With some help from the kitchen staff and folks swinging by the kitchen for lunch or a snack, the name “food for thought” rose to the top.  But what about a look? He wanted a cool … Learn more about this story

5th Annual Maine Acoustic Festival: March 31 – April 2

Forty-three middle and high school music students from around the state will come together for a three-day acoustic music festival that culminates in a Student Showcase Performance on Sunday, April 2 at The University of Southern Maine’s Hannaford Hall in Portland. The middle and high school students were selected by audition to participate in the festival that includes workshops, rehearsals, … Learn more about this story

March 23, 2017: Kauffmann Program Writing Prize Ceremony

“I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” –John Muir It’s the end of the school day.  Outside, students run around in lacrosse gear and walk across campus with their book bags.  Inside, I’m busy grading papers and finishing paperwork. It’s hard to believe … Learn more about this story

NYA Varsity Boys Basketball Coach Selected Coach of the Year

Congratulations to North Yarmouth Academy (NYA) boys varsity basketball coach Jason Knight for his selection as Coach of the Year for Class C South by the Maine Association of Basketball Coaches (MABC). Each year, the MABC recognizes coaches throughout the state who have demonstrated excellence in their field as Coach of the Year. They are voted by their coaching peers … Learn more about this story

Make-A-Wish Club at NYA

It is Friday afternoon at 1:10, and lunch in the Upper School is about to begin. However, instead of eating in the cafeteria in Safford, over thirty high school students grab their lunches, climb the stairs, and squeeze into room 203, perhaps the largest classroom in the Curtis Building, for a weekly Make-A-Wish meeting. North Yarmouth Academy’s Make-A-Wish Club has … Learn more about this story

Scholastic Awards Logo

Three NYA Students Win Regional Scholastic Writing Awards

Congratulations to the three North Yarmouth Academy (NYA) students who earned 2017 Scholastic Writing Awards!  Afton Morton (’20 Freeport), who took home 3 Gold Keys last year, added another Gold Key and an Honorable Mention to her collection.  Morton’s “Concert Thoughts” was awarded the Gold Key in the Personal Essay/Memoir category. This piece will be judged in mid-March for national … Learn more about this story