So many lessons here are learned outside the
classroom. At practice, at play, at state championships,
every student has the opportunity to participate in team sports.


NYA Field Hockey team 2018Home of The Panthers

Student activities are an integral part of the North Yarmouth Academy experience. The philosophy of these programs is grounded on the belief in both the importance of physical education and opportunities for personal growth, the development of character, achievement, and teamwork.

The programs offer an important vehicle for fostering a sense of community within school and a link to the community outside the school.

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NYA Boys SoccerEvery Student is Part of a Team

All students in grades nine through twelve are required to have an afternoon commitment every season, or for all twelve activity seasons in the Upper School. Students must elect a school athletic or performing arts offering each season. All Students at NYA are required to have an afternoon commitment every season.  In the Upper School, one season may be a non-active option such as managing a team, participating in Studio Band, or assisting with After Care in the Lower School.

North Yarmouth Academy Athletics, North Yarmouth Academy, Yarmouth, Maine. Brian Beard - Creative Images Photography

Every Coach is a Teacher

At NYA, we take teamwork to the next level.  Many of our coaches are also members of our faculty – so they know our kids on the field and in the classroom.  We think it’s a winning combination.

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