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North Yarmouth Academy is a community of students who embrace learning in the classroom, in our studios and on our fields.  They have the potential and curiosity to discover new things about themselves and new things in the world around them.

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Please complete the inquiry form to be sure you are receiving up-to-date information from NYA.  If you are interested in an immediate transfer, please contact the Admission Office at 207.846.2376.

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Start your application by filling out the online Biographical Information Form. Once submitted, a member of the Admission team will be in touch to schedule a visit day and interview.

We work hard to demystify the admission process, but know it can appear complicated.  Please contact the Admission Office with any questions.

Important Dates

NYA’s priority deadline for admission and financial assistance applications is February 1.  Please note that preference is given to Priority Deadline applicants when making admission and financial assistance decisions.

NYA Application Requirements

Toddler Primary 1st & 2nd 3rd & 4th 5th 6th – 8th 9th – 12th
Biographical Information Form X X X X X X X
Parent Observation X X X Optional
Visit Day & Interview X X X X X X X
Parent Application X X X X X X X
Student Application X X X X X
Student Essay X
 Admission Testing X X X X
Current Classroom Recommendation Optional X X X  X
Current Math Recommendation X X
Current English Recommendation X X
Student Transcript X X X X X
Application Fee ($50) X X X X X X X