Affording an NYA Education


The 2016-2017 Tuition Rates:

Grade Level  Amount
Toddler 5 Day (morning only) $  10,950
Toddler 5 Day (full day) $15,400
Toddler 3 Day (T, W, Th mornings only) $8,200
Toddler 3 Day (T, W, Th full day) $11,350
Primary (mornings only) $10,150
Primary/Kindergarten (full day) $14,700
1st/2nd Grade $15,750
3rd/4th Grade $15,950
5th Grade $22,250
6th – 8th Grade $27,550
9th – 12th Grade $27,850
Lower School Extended Care Rates for 2016-2017
After Care, 3-5 days until 5pm $  3,650
After Care, 1-2 days until 5pm 2,300
After Care, 5 days for 1 hour 2,300
Before Care, 7:15am-7:45am 1,500


Financing an NYA Education

Need-based Financial Assistance

The goal of our financial aid program is to help close the gap between the total cost of a North Yarmouth Academy education and what our families can afford. Nonetheless, applicants accepted for admission and qualifying on the basis of proven financial need often outnumber those whom we can afford to support. At such times, a waiting list for financial aid is created. Although need is the first and absolute requirement for financial aid, in selecting new recipients of aid from the waiting list, we base our evaluation on the student’s overall academic and personal strengths. NYA requires families to reapply for financial aid each year during the reenrollment process. We are committed to supporting a student through graduation provided a demonstrated need continues to exist. Please note that a family’s award amount may change from year to year if the family’s financial situation changes.

  • Financial Assistance Facts, Policies and Procedures

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  • Financial aid awards are made independently from admission decisions and in no way affect a candidate’s application for admission.
  • Financial aid is awarded based on demonstrated family need. NYA will attempt to meet demonstrated need, but because of a fixed financial assistance budget, only a portion of the need is typically met and in no case will offer more than 80% of the tuition, unless the assistance is funded outside the normal financial assistance budget by means such as a grant or funded scholarship.
  • The large majority of financial aid awards are granted to middle and upper school students. Financial aid awards for lower school students are extremely limited. Contact the Admission Office with questions.
  • If a family has children over the age of six, it is expected that both parents will be employed.  There are circumstances that may exempt a family from this policy.
  • Thirty-eight percent (38%) of all families received some form of financial assistance in 2014-2015.
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  • Applying for Financial Assistance

Please note that the deadline for current families to apply for financial aid is January 15. The deadline for applicants is February 1. Families applying for financial aid after the deadline will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis pending available funds left in the financial aid pool.

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NYA uses a third party to calculate financial need. TADS (Tuition Aid Data Services) is the same service we use for our Admission Process. Using a third party ensures fair and confidential financial needs assessments for families.

  1. Review the TADS financial aid worksheet: Click here to apply at tads.comThis  worksheet helps organize the documents needed to thoroughly complete the TADS Financial Aid Application.
  2. Access the Click here to apply at

Please note that if you haven’t started the NYA Admission Application through TADS, you will need to create an account. A Financial Aid Application cannot be reviewed until all pieces have been completed. Financial aid decisions are only made once a student has been accepted.

Additional Resources for Financing an NYA Education

Affording NYA may be more manageable than you think!

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  • Tuition Management Systems – offer 10 or 12 Month payment plans
  • School Choice/Town Tuition- If you live in a town that does not have a local school option, you may be eligible for “town tuition” to put toward the cost of attending the school of your choice.  Qualifying standards, implementation and “town tuition” amounts vary and are set by the individual town.  Check directly with your town for more information.
  • For independent loan programs, NYA refers families to:
    • Your Tuition Solution,
    • We also recommend speaking with your local institutions such as local banks and credit unions
  • NYA also offers the Tuition Refund Plan, an insurance policy that provides coverage in the event the student withdraws from the Academy after entry. Annual costs for the TRP are 2.1% of the yearly tuition fee, payable in full prior to the beginning of school.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Admission Office at 207-846-2376 or today for more information and to take your first step in one of the most important decisions your family will make.

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