Health & Wellness

The foundation for character education
is the physical, social, and emotional
wellness of our student body.

Course Catalog

25-nya-students-teachers-05-03-17-9432_storyThe physical, social and emotional wellness of our students is an essential component of the North Yarmouth Academy educational experience. NYA has several programs that provide for the social and emotional wellness of the student body.


Advisory Program

Close interaction between the faculty and students is a hallmark of NYA. NYA’s advisory program provides additional opportunities for students to connect with their teachers. Each Middle and Upper School student is assigned an advisor. In the Middle School, advisor groups of approximately eight students meet at least weekly to discuss topical issues and concerns. Middle School teachers have received extensive professional development in social and emotional learning, and they have integrated this character based education and decision making curriculum into the advisory program. Upper School advisory groups consist of six to nine students. These groups meet biweekly to discuss school specific and relevant societal topics. Upper and middle school advisors also schedule regular individual meetings to support their advisees in managing their schedules, developing self-advocacy skills, and setting goals.

Health Services Office

The NYA Health Service Office is staffed by a full-time registered nurse who has emergency room and critical care certification, advanced life support and pediatric advanced life support training, first aid/CPR instructor licensing, along with significant concussion management training and experience. There is a dedicated Health Service Office centrally located on campus which provides space for maintaining records, supplies, and safely locked medications, as well as an area for sick students to rest. The Health Services Coordinator is responsible for meeting the health needs of the student body and addressing health issues, state standards, and immunization standards. The school employs an additional part-time athletic trainer to support the athletic teams.

School Counselor

Also housed in the Health Services Office is NYA’s counselor, who works in collaboration with the Health Services Coordinator. The counselor, a Maine licensed clinical counselor and licensed school counselor, supports the social and emotional needs of the students, and facilitates faculty professional development. The counselor also provides input into NYA’s wellness programming.