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College Counseling

So much more than you might expect …
definitely not your parents’ college guidance experience.

Course Catalog

FF2_7195StoryImageThe hallmarks of NYA college counseling include:

  • knowledge,
  • access,
  • individual attention,
  • comprehensive oversight, and
  • focus on fit


  • Of individual students and what they value;
  • Of a wide range of colleges and what they offer;
  • Of what is going on behind the scenes in college admissions that is informing what it means for our kids to be applying to college today.


  • With individual students;
  • With college admissions professionals to ensure that NYA students benefit from current information and strong advocacy throughout the process;
  • With other college counseling professionals for perspective and advice. We travel extensively throughout the year to colleges and universities across the country, both at their invitation and on our own, to maintain and build connections with a wide variety of colleges. The networking that occurs in this context is invaluable, providing access to added layers of resources from which NYA students directly benefit.


  • To the most up-to-date information about programs, opportunities and trends;
  • To the college admissions professionals who represent the state of Maine in their respective admissions offices. About  95 admissions representatives visit NYA each fall to meet with our students who are interested in their colleges. We also meet individually with each of these representatives to build connections with  each college and university.

Individual attention…

We have an open door policy.

We encourage and welcome students to use us as a resource according to their level of interest and need.  Some students will be in and out for quick chats almost daily; others will navigate the process more independently.

Regardless of their individual approach or preference, we maintain contact with students and check in regularly to monitor how each is doing.

Comprehensive oversight ...

Support and encouragement in a framework of thorough organization combined with a caring approach, which depends on the involvement and investment of each student, but meets each student where he/she is at.

Focus on fit ...

It’s what this entire process is about.

We are firm believers that there is no one perfect college for each student, that there are a number of excellent colleges that will ultimately be a good match for each student and meet their goals and needs.

The primary goal of the college counseling process at NYA is to help students identify a balanced range of schools that constitute that good, personal  fit.

We tend to shift the focus away from rankings and onto how individual colleges match up with what students
want most from the next step in their educational journey.  We then assist them as they navigate the complexities and challenges of the application process.

College Acceptances

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