Project Graduation

Project Graduation

Project Graduation is an overnight, safe, fun filled, alcohol-free program of activities for our seniors after graduation. Volunteers work throughout the year to raise funds in order to provide special events to make post-graduation unforgetable. 


How can you support Project Graduation and get the chance to sit in twelfth row seats cheering on the Boston Celtics vs. the Atlanta Hawks? Buy raffle tickets for two tickets to the Celtics game on Saturday, March 16! $10 for one chance; $20 for three chances. Completed entries can be turned in to Tara Johnson in the main office or emailed to Corinne Larson. Contact Corinne with any questions.

NYA Raffle CalendarProject Graduation Raffle Calendar Fundraiser

A great way to support Project Graduation and win some prizes!

Support Project Graduation by purchasing raffle calendars! Calendars cost $10.00 and will show a prize for each day in February.

Here’s how it works:
Names will be drawn each day, and you win the prize listed on the day your name is drawn.
Even if your name is drawn, it goes back into the pot so you have the chance to win multiple times.

How to buy one:
There are several ways to purchase:
-Ask an NYA senior
-Ask Colleen Reid
-Order via PayPal by logging in and sending payment to

Thanks for supporting NYA’s Project Graduation!

Clynk GraphicCLYNK Fundraiser

Another fundraiser for Project Graduation includes donating funds through CLYNK recycling. Please pick up tagged CLYNK bags at the Lower, Middle or Upper School offices. Fill the green CLYNK bags with your returnable bottles and cans and drop them off at any Hannaford Supermarket.

NOTE:  Please be sure to hold onto your filled and tagged CLYNK bags until January 14 for the CLYNK Annual Recycling Challenge, which runs from January 14 to March 22. For every $1 raised during this time, NYA will receive an added 50-cent match, plus the opportunity to compete for other cash prizes! So, be sure to fill your garages and basements with filled CLYNK bags and drop them off at Hannaford between January 14 and March 22!

Clynk GraphicDonate Funds From YOUR OWN CLYNK Account to Project Graduation!

If you already have a CLYNK account, you can donate funds from your account to NYA Project Graduation. Here’s how:

1) Go to to register your CLYNK card online. You can only make donations to “CLYNK to Give” partners (NYA Project Graduation) via the CLYNK website.
2) Log into your account and select “Donate”
3) How do you wish to donate?
Select “I want to donate funds from my account.”
Click “Continue.”
4) Enter North Yarmouth Academy click “Submit.”
Once found hit the “Donate” button.
5) Enter your Gift Amount:
To finalize your transaction, click “Continue.”
6) Confirm your Gift.
Under the amount of your gift, select “Remain Anonymous” or “Send Email to my address.”
If you choose to remain anonymous, NYA Project Graduation will just get the donation without a record of your personal email. If you select “Send Email” CLYNK will share your email with NYA Project Graduation so we may choose to recognize your gift.
Finally, select “Process My Gift” to confirm your donation.

*Please let Kate Silvers or Michele Rose know if you have trouble with online donations.*
Thank you for any donation to help our Class of 2019 have an unforgettable Project Graduation!